I have high-resolution pictures but they seem blurred

Cool Image Magnifier app will never make any changes to the resolution of your images. It will just provide a zoom effect on the browser but nothing changes on your Shopify admin. 

Shopify keeps several versions of the images; however, the app can use the highest-resolution version of your pictures available in your Shopify admin. To take advantage of that, you should consider setting the app to display them "  No bigger than 2048 x 2048 pixels" or "Highest resolution available". 

You can select the size of the zoomed image with the following option on the app preferences page. Just do the following:

  1. In your Shopify Admin, go to the Apps section
  2. Find your Cool Image Magnifier 
  3. Tap on Zoom preferences> Zoomed Image size

If after this change you still see blurred images, it is possible that they are not stored in Shopify in the highest-resolution version. That can happen if you used an app or tool to upload the pictures or if you tried an app for image optimization.

In order to offer non-blurry images, it's required that they have a high resolution; otherwise, a higher zoom would make the image look even blurrier.  Shopify adapts the images to multiple sizes when they are uploaded, but they recommend a 2048x2048 pixels resolution to avoid blur images.

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