Why is the loupe on mobile centered? My finger blocks it

When you use Cool Image Magnifier on mobile devices; your finger can hide part of the magnified image.

There is no easy workaround for that. So, in some instances, the best option is to make the loupe bigger from the app preferences page (Zoom preferences):

It would be better to offset the loupe from the finger position, wouldn't it?

Unfortunately, we implemented that solution before, and all the user testing we did prove it wrong. Let us explain why it didn't work.

This is what you see now when you tap on the bottom of the image:

As you can see, you can zoom in on the lower part of the image.

However, if you move up the loupe, you cannot see the lower part of the image (the green face):

If you move your finger down, you would be off the image, and the loupe wouldn't display.

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