How does the lightbox effect work?

Although the main purpose of our Cool Image Magnifier app is to magnify the product images with the loupe, it also has the lightbox effect feature to allow a full image zoom. 

You can easily enable or disable this Lightbox effect for your product images through the app preference page. Just do the following:

  1. In your Shopify Admin, go to the Apps section
  2. Find your Cool Image Magnifier 
  3. Tap on Image preferences > Scroll down to Lightbox

Once there, you can enable/disable it:

This configuration is global. If the option is enabled, it will work on both desktop and mobile view. Unfortunately, we can't control nor limit its functionality to just one device. 

When it is enabled, you can click on product images, and they will be displayed on a full screen; and if your product has multiple images, navigation arrows at the bottom of the screen can be used to toggle between images on desktop view. 

And you can exit the full-screen image by clicking on the top right X icon or by hitting the ESC key.

When the Lightbox effect is on (when you click on the image), you might notice that the navigation bar hides; please note that  it is its default behaviour. However, every time you click on the image, it will appear again, allowing you to switch between images.

If you'd like to keep the navigation arrows always displayed, get in contact with our support team, and we'll help with that.

On the other hand, on mobile devices, you won't see any arrows because the default behavior for the lightbox effect on mobile consists of allowing you to swipe between images (right-left); therefore, no arrows will be displayed. 

NOTE: It's not possible to disable the magnifying glass function and keep only the Lightbox effect. The lightbox effect is just an optional feature that comes with the app, ultimately the app's main purpose is to magnify the product images with the loupe. Therefore, it's not possible to keep only the Lightbox effect.

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