How to make the most of the Cool Image Magnifier app

The Cool Image Magnifier app has multiple configuration options which you can tune to suit your Shopify store needs better.

However, it would be best if you first tried to upload high-quality product images to your Shopify admin.

If your product vendor provides high-quality images, use them. If it doesn't, or you build your own products from scratch, invest in preparing some awesome pictures. Shopify provides a fantastic guide on how to do it at, where it also explains the reasons why having good images is critical to improve your sales.

In both cases, don't worry about the image sizes: always upload the biggest image available to Shopify. Shopify will automatically take care of the product image sizes, making copies of the images of different resolutions.

Cool Image Magnifier can use those different image sizes, just select in the app preferences page the one that looks  best in your store:

Depending on how your Shopify theme displays your product image gallery, a smaller or bigger loupe may look nicer. You can control it by adjusting the following slider.

Combining those two previous settings, you can have magnifiers as different as the ones in the following images:

Another important thing you need to check is how the app looks on mobile devices. Some Shopify themes exhibit very complex product galleries which don't blend well with our app. In that case, you may choose to disable the app on mobile:

Please feel free to play with the different app options, and don't hesitate to contact us if you need any assistance with the app, and we will be pleased to help.

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