How to change the background colour of the overlay that appears when the image is zoomed in?

Sometimes the zoomed-in image is smaller than your screen (you can control that with the ' Limit zoom to original size' setting).

In this case, an overlay is displayed covering the entire screen to highlight the zoomed-in image.

You can easily change the background color and the transparency of the overlay which appears when the image is zoomed in. Note that this overlay is only visible if your zoomed images are not displayed in full-screen.

To do so, please open the app preferences page and navigate to Overlay Preferences. There, you will find the options to change both the background color and background transparency, as shown below:

You can select your preferred color using the tool:

In addition, it is possible to make the background partially transparent, allowing the content behind it to be shown, or fully opaque.

Lastly, please remember to click on ' Save', so that the changes can be successfully applied.

Let's see how the zoomed image looks with a white background color and no transparency:

On with a brown color and some transparency:

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