How do I cancel my app subscription?

The recurring charges are managed directly by Shopify, so uninstalling the app will automatically cancel your subscription to the app and prevent any future charges.

Many of our apps are free or include free plans, so no charges will be managed. If you have installed a free app or an app for which you can enjoy a free plan, you will see a message like the following one in the preferences page  Account overview section:

Anyway, when uninstalling one of our apps, it's good to disable the app first to ensure that all traces of our code are also removed from your store templates. You can do that from the app preferences page:

Then go to your Shopify admin ➝ Settings➝ Apps and sales channels ➝ Locate the app and click  Remove on the right side of the list:

You may want to contact Shopify support for any questions related to the app charges.

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