How the Full Page Zoom effect works

When a product image is clicked on, it is zoomed in till it fits your entire screen.

Unless the image and the screen have the same dimensions, the image will overflow the screen, as in the following image:

Depending on both your image and screen dimensions, the image can overflow vertically or horizontally.

The whole image can always be viewed by scrolling it. The scrolling is triggered by moving the mouse on desktop and by dragging your finger on mobile.

Note: We can not make the zoomed image fit the screen exactly instead of overflowing because the overflowing image and the scrolling effect are the core of Full Page Zoom app, so they cannot be disabled.

What makes it different from other zoom apps?

Most zoom apps only show a small portion of the image zoomed in. With Full Page Zoom, your customers can see all the details of your product images making the most of their screens.

The app is ideal if you have high-quality pictures, especially if you took professional photos of your products or bought them from stock images.

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